How to choose the right Pearson English Readers level

With a large selection of genres graded to different levels of English, there’s a Reader for everyone. Once you know which Pearson English Reader series you would like to use, next you need to choose which English level is appropriate.

Choose your Reader by English learner level

If you know your student’s level, filter our catalogue by level to get a list of recommended titles:

English level testing

Readers and Active Readers Level Testing

Not sure of your students' level? Use these placement tests to help you decide what level is best suited for your students.

There are two tests, marked A and B, for each level. All files are PDF and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click on the links below to download the tests, answer sheets and answer keys.

Introduction to the Tests

Pearson English Kids Levelling


  • 1

    Level 1

    Hours Up to 50 hours of English

    Headwords: 200

    CYLET: -

    CEFR: -

  • 2

    Level 2

    Hours Up to 100 hours of English

    Headwords: 400

    CYLET: -

    CEFR: -

  • 3

    Level 3

    Hours Up to 150 hours of English

    Headwords: 600

    CYLET: - Starters

    CEFR: -

  • 4

    Level 4

    Hours Up to 200 hours of English

    Headwords: 800

    CYLET: -

    CEFR: - A1

  • 5

    Level 5

    Hours Up to 250 hours of English

    Headwords: 1000

    CYLET: - Movers

    CEFR: -

  • 6

    Level 6

    Hours Up to 300 hours of English

    Headwords: 1200

    CYLET: -

    CEFR: - A1++

Penguin Kids are graded to six levels

Roll over each tag above for more information on the level

Do you already know your students’ levels?

Choose by test result using the tables below. If you’re struggling to choose between two levels, always go for a book at the easier level.

Pearson English Kids Readers

Pearson English Regular and Active Readers