6 reasons to love Readers

6 reasons to love Readers

Written with carefully graded language, the impressive range of Pearson English Graded Readers, brings the joy of reading to every English language student. These engaging titles provide a perfect balance of accessibility and challenge, helping students develop a wide range of vocabulary and improve their language skills in general.

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1. Enriching vocabulary

Carefully graded texts present new words in context, making them more meaningful and memorable.

Through developing a wide vocabulary, learners can express themselves clearly and communicate effectively.

2. Succeeding in exams and beyond

Reading provides an extensive review of key grammar and learners experience English being used naturally and correctly.

Learners have a better overall understanding and command of English, leading to improved exam results.

3. Having a fun & entertaining learning experience

From delightful children’s favourites to classic novels, romantic comedies to exciting thrillers.

The wide range of Graded Readers make some of the greatest stories of all time accessible for all learners to enjoy.

4. Enriching knowledge

Develop readers’ overall general knowledge, and their understanding of other cultures and the world around them.

Use the fascinating non-fiction titles, classic literature and great works from contemporary authors.

5. Improving overall reading skills

Through reading extensively, learners improve their comprehension and the speed and fluency of their reading.

6. Getting a complete teaching solution

  • Readers’ levels are aligned to CEFR levels and GSE scores.
  • Free, downloadable resources for every title support teachers with comprehensive Teacher’s Notes, extra activities, worksheets and tests.
  • Audio books available for most titles provide clear models for pronunciation.

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