Fun, efficient & flexible learning with a tap and swipe!

Colourful, educational, and above all, fun, the Pearson Kids App presents a dynamic interactive reading and learning experience - helping children learn English and discover the world around them.


Fun learning

  • Stunning animated photos and illustrations really bring English stories to life as children read.
  • Fun, interactive exercises improve reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Efficient learning

  • The interactive exercises and activities give children feedback and results instantly so they always know how well they are doing. The app even provides praise and congratulations to keep kids motivated.
  • Children enjoy using the voice recording function. This helps kids improve reading skills and master their pronunciation by comparing their voices with the modelled audio.

Flexible learning

  • The eBook, audio, animations and activities are all integrated into just one app.
  • Young learners can enjoy reading and learning anytime and anywhere - in their bedroom, with friends, in the car, or on holiday.

Technical requirements

  • The Pearson English Kids Reader app is currently available to download for free with 18 of our most popular CLIL titles and 6 exciting Poptropica English titles across six levels.
  • The CLIL digital content is compatible with tablets with iOS 7.0 or later.
  • The Poptropica English content can be used on both iOS and Android devices.